Animal Transfer Station

2 good to be true!

We took one of the best selling animal care products in Allentown history, and decided to make it even better. How? We polled hundreds of satisfied Phantom users, and asked for their wish-list if we ever created a Phantom2. With that input, the best animal transfer station on the market got even better.

ISO Class 3!

By our research there are no other animal change stations which provide ISO class 3 airflow. We've achieved this industry-leading airflow quality by a new upper HEPA filter design, double HEPA filtration, a redesigned air diffuser and upper glass sashes. Now we're able to provide airflow with one .5 micron particle per cubic ft of air...ten times the air cleanliness than ISO class 4 change stations. Another airflow advancement is the new Active Barrier Containment™ ABC™ which provides an air curtain outside of the front sash for an additional level of protection for the work surface.

Color Touch Screen!

The heart of the Phantom2 is its new and improved user interface, which allows quick and easy access to new Phantom2 ergonomic features. Display functions are mainly icon driven, and are translated into 8 different languages when text instructions are present. The color screen is where users will activate and dim the new LED white and red lighting, pre-set user height settings of the new faster and quieter lift system, active the ECO mode to save energy when the unit is not in use, and many other ergonomic features designed to make the user experience with the Phantom2 easier than ever.


New LED Phantom2 lighting is not only energy efficient, but at 6000K brings a highly functional amount of white light to the work surface. If less light is required, the LED lights are dimmable to 10%. The red LED lights offer users the ability to work at the Phantom2 while guarding against disturbing the research animals' circadian rhythms. The red LED lights are also dimmable down to 10%.

More room to work!
An increased work area opening height, together with a new dished-work-surface, allows users even more room to operate. More room means more comfort when using the Phantom2, making routine cage-changing tasks easier than before. Many other added convenience features such as the self-locking sash and hinged pre-filter retainer for easier access and replacement accentuate the Phantom2's overall design emphasis on ergonomics and the user experience.